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"Gabriella Spitzer is a force of nature.
They explore environmental, queer, and Jewish topics with a unique voice. Gabriella’s Haggadah Min HaMeitzar brings new insights into traditional texts." 

Deb Friedson, Arts and Beautification Chair, Congregation Agudat Achim 


Help your community prepare for Passover with original art, fresh Torah, and a new haggadah. Scholar and artist Gabriella Spitzer will bring original haggadah art and engaging Torah study to your community.

Gabriella is available for scholar/artist in residence weekends, in-person workshops, and zoom presentations and Torah study. They are currently booking for early 2024 in advance of Passover. They are also available for Pride Month or other year-round opportunities. 

Scholar/Artist in Residence and Pop-Up Art Show Weekend

Program includes:

  • Passover art gallery in your social hall for the weekend

  • Divrei Torah and Torah discussions

  • Afikomen bag painting workshop for all ages

  • Guided gallery tour

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