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Published by Ben Yehuda Press!

Second edition coming spring 2024--now with transliteration!

Haggadah Min HaMeitzar/Out of the Narrows is liturgically traditional, visually beautiful, ideologically progressive, and discursively provocative. It uses a complete traditional text and translation, paired with original commentary and art, thought-provoking quotations, and discussion prompts. The art functions as a form of commentary and provides another layer to discuss. 

The commentary focuses on four themes, corresponding to the four names of Passover:

  • Chag HaCheirut/Festival of Freedom: a progressive voice prompting discussion on the meanings of liberation and oppression in the Exodus story and today.

  • Chag HaAviv/Springtime Festival: an environmental voice making connections between the Passover seder, ecology, and regrowth and regeneration.

  • Chag HaPesach/Passover: a meta-commentary about how we tell our stories, the voices that get shared and the voices that do not get shared enough. 

  • Chag HaMaztot/Matzah Festival: a voice about embodiment and the sensory aspects of the seder.

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